Labour Shortage in the Food and Beverage Industry: What if ERP software was your greatest ally?


Are you a player in the food and beverage industry looking for practical solutions to the labour shortage recently exacerbated by the health crisis? Has your sales volume increased despite problems meeting demand due to a lack of qualified candidates?

Consider ERP software! 

Though this solution is rarely proposed to meet the challenges of recruitment, it has several advantages: automation, mobility, brand image booster.

In this webinar, Michael Chadwick, ERP analyst for more than 15 years, shares his expertise in the food industry and explain how ERP software can mitigate the effects of the labour shortage. He also explains which objectives to set and what results you can expect.



Event details:

1. Current recruiting challenges: what solutions exist? Presentation of ERP software management systems.

2.  Be more efficient. Attract and retain new employees. The benefits of ERP software and the positive outcomes you can expect.

3. Planning the project: is your business ready to make the transition?


Our Speaker

Michael Chadwick
ERP Business Analyst at Fidelio

With his more than 20 years of ERP experience, Michael Chadwick has developed a vast expertise in process management. It is from this solid base that he’ll be presenting the best solutions to support the growth of SMBs.


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