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Reap the benefits of a complete ERP software
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Fidelio: your cloud-based manufacturing erp software
Drive the growth of your business with powerful and intuitive cloud-based ERP software that’s made for the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Starting at $19 a day*.


🏭 Automate the processes of all your departments
📈 Access reliable data in real time
📦 Improve stock management
⚙️ Optimize production
✅ Control traceability...

...and much more! 

More than 400 Canadian Businesses Have Already Chosen Fidelio Cloud ERP

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You'll go far with these innovative solution

Make life easier with an all-in-one ERP system

Consolidate your business and lower your operating costs. To assist you, Fidelio has developed innovative, built-in functionalities for each of your departments and there are no add-ons.

Enjoy our user-friendly and intuitive interface

Speed up your teams’ adoption of the ERP system. Give them a modern and intuitive user-experience on their PC and their mobile. As an added plus, customize each user profile by job function to help make the adoption process easier.

your agility

Choose ERP software that’s adapted to your unique situation: it’s easy to customize and you won’t have to compromise on your autonomy. Integrate your ERP with your entire ecosystem and easily automate your specific processes.

Choose experts in your industry

In business since 1999, the Commsoft Technologies team has developed a vast expertise in the distribution, manufacturing and food industries. Fidelio's functionalities meet your needs precisely.

Audrey Laurin, VP of Finance and Administration, La Petite Bretonne

« Everything is easier and more intuitive with Fidelio ERP. From data searching to analysis and verification. Preparing orders, managing our inventory and even managing our invoice buybacks. »

Audrey Laurin, VP of Finance and Administration, La Petite Bretonne


Tailor-made features for small and medium-sized businesses 


the right decision


Fidelio dashboards and KPIs

Get a 360° view of your business in the blink of an eye. Fidelio ERP allows you to generate customizable reports and analyses on all aspects of the company via dashboards and performance indicators (KPI).


Boost your sales with Fidelio cloud ERP

Increase your sales and optimize your processes with cutting-edge tools you can use at work, at home or on the road. Reap the benefits of an e-commerce site integrated directly to your ERP and of a CRM optimized for mobility.

your supply chain


Control your supply chain with Fidelio cloud ERP

Fidelio ERP manages logistic functions to improve inventory management across multiple locations. The system predicts demand during peak periods and evaluates supplier performance.



Optimize your production with Fidelio cloud ERP

The Fidelio ERP system manages production and calculates the cost. The software allows you to plan, launch and schedule your production while taking into account the availability of human and material resources, as well as customer demand.

Simplify employee management

Simplify employee management with Fidelio cloud ERP

No more spreadsheets! Manage your employee files with the proper tools. Simplify follow ups on employee records such as payroll, expense accounts, time banks, schedules, annual evaluations and more.

your financial management


Streamline your financial management with Fidelio cloud ERP

Automate your tasks with no added value and access the latest information. Fidelio manages all aspects of financial accounting in real time.

*Price based on distribution license for 5 users. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Fidelio is an all-in-one, intuitive ERP system available on the cloud. We help growing businesses take the digital turn. What we do best? Provide businesses with high-performance, cutting-edge tools that are tailored to their unique challenges.

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