How Coractive Supports its International
Growth Through a 360-Degree View of its
Operations With Fidelio’s ERP System

Fidelio ERP and Coractive Success Story

Gisèle Chouinard, Director of Finance and Administration, Coractive

"Fidelio has helped us structure our processes based on best practices in our industry."

Gisèle Chouinard, Director of Finance and Administration, Coractive

Coractive had a good problem and a bad problem.

On the one hand, its international sales were growing strongly in a hotly competitive market. On the other hand, Coractive had to make fast pricing decisions based on slow-to-retrieve internal data that may have been dated.

As a result, Gisèle Chouinard, the Director of Finance and Administration, made educated decisions based on unreliable information, without clarity on how she was impacting the bottom line. This ambiguity potentially put the company’s profitability at risk. That’s when Chouinard reached out to Fidelio by Commsoft Technologies.


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Coractive High-Tech, a Quebec City-based designer and manufacturer of innovative optical fibers and fiber lasers, needed reliable information fast to profitably meet the demand of its OEM customers in Asia, the USA, and Canada.

Continue to grow profitably in international markets as competition intensified and product prices dropped.

With 65 employees and an office in China, Coractive’s staff managed and stored their data in software that did not communicate with each other.

Embark on a two-phase digital transformation focused on implementing Fidelio, a cloud ERP system offering real-time, 360-degree visibility into Coaractive’s operations.

Coractive now makes decisions faster based on real-time KPIs, reliable information, and increasingly sophisticated financial analyses.

To learn more about the digital transformation implemented by Coractive and Gisèle Chouinard’s tips for a successful ERP system implementation, download the success story.

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