How Young Fast-Growing Gusta Foods
Proactively Removed Obstacles to Growth With Fidelio Cloud ERP

Success story of Gusta Foods and Fidelio Cloud ERP

Sylvain Karpinski, CEO of Gusta Foods

“I wanted the company to function, as much as possible, as a state-of-the-art operation — not because it’s cool, but because on many levels it’s more efficient and pleasant.”

Sylvain Karpinski, Founder & CEO, Gusta Foods

How can your fast-growing food processing SMB avoid the crippling problems of so many rocketing start-ups?

Problems like a lack of structured business processes and inadequate management systems.

Focused on long-term growth, Sylvain Karpinski, founder and CEO of Gusta Foods, was determined that his company would escape this common fate. His tools would be planning and a digital transformation.

This is their success story.


Gusta Foods Recipes


The Company

Gusta Foods, a fast-growing manufacturer of vegan food products, was determined to leap over the barriers that stifle other booming start-ups by using planning and digital transformation.

Proactively remove obstacles to growth by implementing structured business processes and a digital transformation.

Implement a paperless ERP system while moving into a new plant, maintaining data integrity, and complying with food safety standards. 

A team of motivated employees worked closely with the ERP partner to implement the system in less than a year.

Reduced data entry and errors, easier faster planning, proactive decision-making, and optimized inventory management saved the company time and money and set the stage for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

To learn more about the digital transformation implemented by Gusta Foods:

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