How Isolofoam Processes and Tracks
Orders Seamlessly with Fidelio Cloud ERP

Fidelio ERP and Isolofoam Success Story

Stéphane Harvey, CPA, Director of Finance and IT, Isolofoam Group

"The quality and speed of Fidelio’s project management impressed me. This process change alone saves us five to eight hours a week, not to mention that we greatly reduced the potential for errors through manual data entry.”

Stéphane Harvey, Director of Finance and IT, Isolofoam Group

Isolofoam acquired a competitor — and a new set of challenges.

Despite a near doubling of their workforce in June 2022, Isolofoam’s
team couldn’t sustain accurate and timely data entry of EDI orders.

The EDI problem cascaded through the workflow. The manufacturer
 experienced delays in production and delivery. These delays ultimately impacted service to their customers.

To resolve the bottlenecks, Isolofoam Group called on Stéphane Harvey, CPA, their Director of Finance and IT. Stéphane looked to Fidelio to help solve the problem.

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Isolofoam is known for its production and marketing of thermal insulation materials for the building envelope, customized products and packaging solutions. The company stands out in the industry for its sustainable and innovative expanded polystyrene products that meet the unique needs of its many users.

Continue to maintain its growth trajectory and further expand its business goals of sustained profitability and productivity.

Isolofoam were struggling with outdated equipment and software. This resulted in overwhelming delays and unsatisfied customers.

Begin an EDI transformation focused on order tracking and real-time data to enhance growth and productivity.

Isolofoam is now significantly more productive. Their operations move so much faster with real-time tracking tools for seamless product management.
Discover how Isolofoam digitally transformed their business and Stéphane Harvey's breakdown on how to successfully revolutionize your product management.  Download our success story.

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