Italfoods Seasons its Rapid Growth
with Fidelio Cloud ERP

Fidelio ERP and Italfoods Success Story

Ewelina Jaroszek Director of Commercial Operations Italfoods Inc.

“Very quickly, I realized how easy the user interface was. Sharing just with the key people on the team - demos and how the application feels and looks - we thought, oh my God, it’s so easy, so intuitive. We loved using it! We wanted it right now”

Ewelina Jaroszek, Director of Commercial Operations, Italfoods Inc.

Italfoods faced significant challenges as it underwent a period of rapid growth.

During 2021 and 2022, the revenue of this Ontario-based distributor, offering a range of 2,000 domestic and imported food products, experienced an impressive annual increase of over 30%.

However, despite this remarkable growth, the company still relied on manual methods such as pen and paper, along with outdated accounting software that no longer catered to the evolving needs of the business.

Fortunately, in a recent interview with Ewelina Jaroszek, the Director of Commercial Operations, she reveals the incredible transformation achieved by implementing Fidelio, taking their business to new heights!

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Italfoods is a locally owned business that has been serving the Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding areas for over 33 years. Their mission is to offer a wide selection of thousands of products and deliver the highest quality imported and domestic goods to restaurants, specialty food shops, delicatessens, and grocery stores.

Continue to maintain its growth trajectory and further expand its business goals of sustained profitability and productivity.

Italfoods were struggling with outdated equipment and software. They were burdened by piles of paper and an obsolete system.

Begin a digital transformation focused on using KPIs and real-time data to enhance growth and productivity.

Italfoods is now more flexible, and productive with real-time financial tools for easy in-depth business analysis.

To learn more about how Italfoods digitally transformed their business and Ewelina Jaroszek's valuable insight on how to implement a successful ERP system,  download our success story.

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