How to Recover Your ERP Software Investment in Less Than a Year
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L’ERP Fidelio facilite l’intégration des nouvelles compagnies chez Ficodis

“We got a return on investment in less than a year due largely to our supplier discount management. Thanks to Fidelio, we were able to double our claims as compared to last year when everything was done manually.” 

Gabriel Jacques, Vice-President, Jacmar Automation

In business since 1994, Jacmar Automation is both a distributor and engineer of industrial electronics. This double expertise allows them to stand out from their competitors.

To sustain its growth, Jacmar needed to optimize project cost monitoring, improve inventory management and carry out online transactions. In other words, the company needed a more efficient management system that would ensure better and faster control of their data.

Moreover, the company needed a flexible system that could accommodate any future changes and eventual modifications.

The company therefore chose Fidelio ERP to support them in this project.

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The Company

The company offers a full range of electronic components from some forty suppliers. These products target industrialists and equipment manufacturers.

The Goal
Support its growth, simplify control of project costs and improve inventory management.

The Challenge
Their DOS system was no longer up to the task.

The Solution
Invest in more efficient software to save time and increase control.

The Results
A return on investment in less than a year! Fidelio surpassed their expectations allowing them to double their supplier discount claims compared to the previous year.

Find out how Fidelio ERP helped Jacmar Automation make a return on investment in less than a year and support its growth!

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