How Maçonnex Optimized Management of Branch Locations with Fidelio Cloud ERP

Fidelio ERP and Maçonnex Success Story

Chantal Bergeron, Director of Operations, Maçonnex

"Since our digital transformation, our revenues have gone up 50%, even after we closed two of our branches. Today, sales are increasing by 30% to 40% per year, without expanding our sales team that much.”

Chantal Bergeron, Director of Operations, Maçonnex

An ambitious acquisition slowed down and exponentially complicated Maçonnex’s operations.

Adding five branch locations and about 100 employees turned the Saguenay, Quebec-based distributor into a “sluggish bureaucracy.” 

As one of the largest distributors of exterior siding, landscaping products, stoves, and fireplaces in Quebec, the company was selling 2,000 to 3,000 products per day. 

To achieve its goals, Maçonnex could not afford to be sluggish. So Chantal Bergeron, Director of Operations at Maçonnex, led a digital transformation. 

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Maçonnex is one of the largest distributors of exterior siding, landscaping products, and stoves and fireplaces in Quebec. They offer a consulting service to individuals, but also to construction professionals such as architects, designers, draftsmen, general contractors, masons, wall covering installers and landscapers

Continue to maintain its growth trajectory and further expand its business goals of sustained profitability and productivity.

Maçonnex were struggling with outdated equipment and software. They were burdened by a sluggish and obsolete system.

Begin a digital transformation focused on sales management and real-time data to enhance growth and productivity.

Maçonnex is now significantly more productive. Their operations move so much faster with real-time financial tools for seamless inventory management.
Learn more about how Maçonnex digitally transformed their business and Chantal Bergeron's helpful knowledge on how to successfully implement an ERP system.  Download our success story.

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