How Miels d’Anicet Set Up a Sweet ERP

Fidelio ERP and Miels d'Anicet Success Story

Kaven Davignon, Managing Director, Miels d’Anicet

"Fidelio made a big difference. They made presentations that we found very reassuring. They were really knowledgeable and helpful. That impressed us.”

Kaven Davignon, Managing Director, Miels d’Anicet

Facing the challenges of managing multiple companies under one roof and struggling with an inefficient mix of outdated software and manual workarounds, Miels d’Anicet realized the need for streamlining their operations and embracing a modern ERP solution.

We dive into a conversation with Kaven Davignon, their Managing Director, to explore how they tackled these obstacles head-on.

From the heavy administrative load of tracking inventory and ensuring traceability to optimizing their manufacturing processes, Kaven shares his insights and the transformative power of their ERP implementation.


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Miels d’Anicet specializes in harvesting honey from 1,200 beehives and transforming it into delightful culinary creations such as jams and granolas, along with natural personal care products like soaps and body balms.

Continue to maintain its growth trajectory and further expand its business goals of sustained profitability and productivity.

Miels d'Anicet were struggling with outdated equipment and software. This resulted in overwhelming delays and unsatisfied customers.

Kickstart a digital transformation focused on dynamic views and real-time data to enhance growth and productivity.

Miels d'Anicet is now more productive. Their operations function with automated data entry, and dynamic analysis capabilities that empower faster and more informed decision-making.
Discover how Miels d'Anicet digitally transformed their business as they successfully implemented an ERP system under tight time constraints. Download our sweet success story.

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