How did Distribution Paral significantly increase its sales volume with Fidelio ERP software?

Fidelio ERP and Paral Distribution Success Story

We chose Fidelio because we wanted a fully-integrated system: from orders, to inventory and accounting.  It was also imperative that the system be compatible with the solutions of our suppliers."

Denis Parent, President of Distribution Paral

Denis Parent, President of Distribution Paral

How to increase sales and manage the growth in the volume of transactions. It was the challenge faced by Distribution Paral, a growing SME specialized in the distribution of dairy products in Québec and leader in the cheese sector.

To meet this challenge, Alain and Denis Parent, the presidents of Distribution Paral, decide to digitize their business processes. They choose Fidelio ERP, to integrate management of all their operations.

Today, Distribution Paral manages over 1 000 sales transactions per day and continues to add new products.

Find out how Fidelio helped the company sustain its growth and significantly increase its sales volume.


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The Company

Founded in 1991, Distribution Paral is a family-owned business that specializes in the distribution of dairy products in Québec. Among its suppliers are some of the sector’s key players such as Lactalis (Parmalat), Fromagerie Bergeron, Fromagerie Champêtre and Fromagerie Polyethnique. The company’s significant growth is due to the diversification of its products on the one hand, and the acquisition of new businesses on the other.

The Goal
Increase sales and manage the growing transaction volume

The Challenge
Despite the important business opportunities, the growth of Distribution Paral is hindered by a lack of integrated tools and the use of manual processes.

The Solution
Invest in an integrated management system. The solution must help the sales team reach its objectives faster by automating activities on the road

The Results

Today, all the departments of Distribution Paral are integrated to the software, along with the solutions of its suppliers. The sales volume has increased, and over 1 000 daily transactions are managed directly in the system.

Discover how Distribution Paral carried out its digital transformation and increased its sales with Fidelio ERP!

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