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Optimization of Two Food Production Facilities:
La Petite Bretonne and Fidelio Make a Great Team


Optimisation de deux usines alimentaires : La Petite Bretonne et Fidelio forment une belle équipe

Audrey Laurin, VP of Finance and Administration, La Petite Bretonne

“Fidelio makes everything easier and more intuitive: data searching, data control and analysis, order slip preparation, inventory management or invoice buybacks.”

Audrey Laurin, VP of Finance and Administration, La Petite Bretonne

Serge Bohec founded La Petite Bretonne in 1966. Back then, he did everything by hand: purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, invoicing and collecting! More than 50 years later and after developing two plants, it was time for the company, renowned for its micro-croissants, to equip itself with an integrated management system.

Above all, they no longer wanted to be simple data entry clerks. They wanted to add value to their data by generating analyses and use that insight to develop winning strategies. Also, the same data could be exploited by various parties several times a day which greatly increased the risk of human error. At the same time, the invoice buybacks, sales orders and the various control points had to be optimized.

La Petite Bretonne therefore decided to trust Fidelio ERP.

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The company

La Petite Bretonne Inc. is a Québec manufacturing company that makes croissants and cookies that are sold in grocery stores throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Chile.

The Goal
Increase the productivity of its two plants and centralize the information to simplify decision making.

The Challenge
Before Fidelio, the SME used a management system that included a hand-held solution for distribution and another solution for accounting. These were the only integrated activities

The solution
Implement Fidelio, a fully-integrated ERP management system, to better manage and analyze data. In parallel, the system will help optimize the invoice buyback processes, the sales orders and the various control points.

The Results
They have the harmonized system they wanted! Each need is met based on priorities. As these needs evolve, functionalities are developed or put in place rapidly if Fidelio already has them on offer.

Find out how La Petite Bretonne enhanced operations at both of its food plants with the help of Fidelio ERP!

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