How Rocheleau increased online sales from 0 to 55% with Fidelio ERP

Fidelio ERP and Rocheleau Success Story

Marie-France Grenier, Director of Operations, Rocheleau

“With Fidelio, 55% of our sales are now completed on the Internet and we expect a regular increase in this number over the coming years."

Marie-France Grenier, Director of Operations, Rocheleau

How to increase your sales volume without increasing the size of your sales teams.

To meet this objective, Rocheleau implements an e-commerce website. To take advantage of a platform that is fully-integrated to her ERP software, the director of operations, with the support of the management team, chooses Fidelio. In 2012, the company’s online sales increase from 0 to 32%, and in 2020, up to 55%.

How Rocheleau is using Fidelio to implement its e-commerce and growth strategy.



The Company

Rocheleau, a Québec wholesaler specialized in hardware for kitchen furniture and cabinets has, since 2007, been putting the focus on automating its operations to support its growth. In 2012, the company decides to integrate a B2B e-commerce platform with its ERP software system.

The Goal
Automate sales processes to compete on the international market and increase sales without increasing the size of the sales team.

The Challenge
The management software, chosen two years before, could not easily integrate an online sales site.

The Solution
Implement the Fidelio e-commerce platform, 100% integrated with the ERP system. Gradually train their teams and customers as to the new ways of working and of placing orders.

The Results
Rocheleau’s customers can now place orders 24/7. Today, 55% of this SME's sales are online.

Find out how Rocheleau increased its online sales by 55% and read Marie-France Grenier’s tips on how to successfully set up an e-commerce website!

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