How Rocheleau Migrated Successfully to the New Generation of Fidelio: Two Testimonials

Marie-France Grenier, VP of Administration, Operations & HR

“I thought the migration would be a risky thing, like NASA launching a rocket. But no, I was pleasantly surprised. We did it over a weekend and didn’t have one minute of downtime.”

              Marie-France Grenier, VP of Administration, Operations & HR

Rocheleau began their digital transformation in 2010 by implementing the ERP software of a globally known brand.

Two years later, that system no longer met their needs.
As a result, Rocheleau switched to Fidelio ERP.

However, after the switch, they took a leap of faith. They ultimately decided to migrate from an on-premise ERP to a cloud-based solution and have never looked back since.

This is their story.


Rocheleau Migration


The Company

Rocheleau, a Québec wholesaler specialized in hardware for kitchen furniture and cabinets has, since 2007, been putting the focus on automating its operations to support its growth. In 2012, the company decides to integrate a B2B e-commerce platform with its ERP software system.

Automate sales processes to compete on the international market and increase sales without increasing the size of the sales team.

Migrate from an on-premise ERP to a cloud-based solution without interrupting day-to-day business.

Execute an efficient, hassle-free data migration. Find ways to adapt current processes.

The migration is a stepping stone to more streamlining of operations  and decrease workload.
Rocheleau Website

“… updates are easier to manage, and our team doesn’t have to worry about how we can continuously improve the system.”

              Pascal Lambert, IT Manager

Find out how Rocheleau made the jump from their legacy system to streamlining their operations.

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