How St-Donat family bakery made a successful digital transformation with Fidelio Cloud ERP

St-Donat Bakery

 Emmanuel Tedeschi, ERP Project Manager

”Employees were spending more time entering data than analyzing it. This made information difficult to access and hindered management decision making. It was all of these factors that led to the acquisition of an ERP system.”

             Emmanuel Tedeschi, ERP Project Manager, St-Donat

Having difficulty with inventory management? We understand that running a family business isn't easy.

But if issues aren’t dealt with, they persist.

A case in point is St-Donat Bakery. To continue to grow and find new markets, the company needed to take a clear direction in its digital transformation

This is their story.


St-Donat Digital Transformation


The Company

St-Donat, a Québec wholesaler specialized in making and selling pastries for almost 100 years . They have been focusing on automating its operations to support its growth by simplifying and improving its structure.

Automate sales processes to compete on the international market and increase sales without increasing the size of the sales team.

Giving the company the visibility and agility it needs to make
effective decisions

Selecting the best ERP system
for a fast-growing family bakery

Time saved, improved traceability and instant global visibility

Find out how St-Donat made a successful digital transformation to automate several major processes.

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